About The Causeway Giants
Nate Kishman: Fiddle
Mike Centore: Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo
Matt Centore: Lead vocals, accordian, tin whistle, bodhran, keyboard, harmonica.
Dan Medicis: Bass, backing vocals.
Erik Jacob: Mandolin, banjo, electric guitar, backing vocals. 
The band started a long time ago in a village far far away. Most of the members were washing dishes at a Hooters knock off restaurant jamming out and waiting for a big break. That break usually came after the lunch rush. After a surprise inspection from the health department the boys realized that they were going to be forced to find a new way to get free food and drink. After careful review of their combined talents they were stuck with two choices and because the mall was not looking for security officers they decided to start The Causeway Giants. 

Dave Winkler: Drums, backing vocals